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Children & Charity International puts people first by providing education, leadership, and nutrition programs along with mentoring and healthcare support services to children, youth, and families. We also work with organizations and governmental agencies to initiate sustainable development projects.

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Ongoing Relief Efforts!



During this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our administrators, coordinators, instructors, staff, parents, volunteers, and donors are collaborating on efforts to benefit youth and families.

Special thanks to Learn24 DC for continued organizational support. Participants and community residents are being supported in many ways that include:

==Virtual Programming. Helps students avoid learning loss and stay above grade level in common core subjects. Gain STEM and Skills training, Explore Social Emotional Learning (SEL), and Advancing Youth Development (AYD). For elementary, middle, and high school youth.

==Take-home packets to help students maintain grade level math, language arts, and social studies skills.


==Using IXL and other virtual interactive practice drills in math, science, language arts, and social science.


==Utilizing conference and video media to have candid dialog about the impact of the virus on their lives, learning, homes, socialization, and completing projects.


==Daily meals of breakfast and lunch at schools and neighborhood centers.


==Professional Development for personnel, staff, partners, and youth.


We pray for people everywhere being affected by this virus; especially thankful, and wishing divine protection for first responders and professionals, frontline workers caregivers, and global citizens. Also, speedy recovery for those testing positive with the virus. We look forward to resuming a sense of normalcy very soon.


Coping during pandemic Coping during pandemic


LATEST Newsletter

Year-Round Expanded Learning Opportunities:

(a) Afterschool Tutoring and Homework Help: Students from Kindergarten to 8th grade receive homework help and tutoring in mathematics, reading, and language arts, to improve grades and test scores. Youth utilize digital drills, and engage in artistic and social enrichment: Monday to Friday 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm, throughout the school year.

(b) Science and Technology Program: Students from Kindergarten to 8th grade explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM-based) activities, as afterschool enrichment from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm, Monday to Thursday throughout the school year.


(c) Peer Mentoring Project: Youth 12 to 18 years lend their voices, hands, and minds to engaging and interactive discussions, about life experiences in their development including dealing with challenges, successes, and failures, 2 days per week afterschool. They brainstorm about possible solutions, and why they need to make smart decisions that would have positive impact in their lives. Contact us for further details.


(d) Summer Programs (June to August): (1) STEM-based Enrichment and Social Engagement (youth K-8th grade). Youth explore basic math, science, and technology. Enrich reading and social skills, and delve into creative arts. (2) Work-readiness, STEM, and Mentorship (youth 16-21 years). Youth engage in a variety of hands-on activities exploring STEM. They hone leadership, and work readiness skills. Many get on-the-job training, while others conduct peer mentoring, gain knowledge on financial literacy; drug awareness and prevention; and cosmetology techniques.

(e) More Reading: Researchers have found that reading is powerful, and positively impacts children’s learning and achievement. Children & Charity International wants to contribute toward this outcome. Follow the Read A Book Resources Page link. It contains the Mingo Learns ... series of books that help children overcome challenges, build self-confidence, and improve academically. There is also a Parents' Handbook, and other books.

Read A Book Resources Page

Programs Report

A Little of Everything, is what District youth experience over summer breaks at Children & Charity International STEM and Skills Training Program.

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