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About CAC

Children & Charity International (CAC) utilizes philanthropic and charitable efforts so they could have a positive impact in our world. We provide expanded learning engagement for youth starting from Kindergarten to 24 years in programs that include homework help; academic enrichment; science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM); social enrichment; job-training; workforce development; mentoring and apprenticeships; we provide nutritious meals; and we support children and families through visiting mission teams that conduct free medical and dental clinics, and corrective heart surgeries.


CAC also partners with local schools, businesses, and communities in the United States and many developing countries to establish technology labs, and educational infrastructure. CAC seeks to intervene early in the lives of children in the belief that education is a lifelong gift that empowers people to ultimately improve socioeconomic conditions for their families, communities, country, and future generation.


Our mission is: "To embrace humanity and its resourcefulness and provide opportunities that empower vulnerable children, youth, and families living in under-resourced communities, to discover pathways to achieve academic success, healthy lives, and dignity."

As a mentoring organization we utilize charity and education to teach and empower people to take responsibility for their lives. We work to accomplish our mission by partnering with schools, churches, community leaders, community groups, and local organizations based on a platform of honesty, integrity and team unity. 

Children & Charity International is supported by individuals, corporations, Churches, community groups, friends, and well wishers. We accept cash, in-kind, bequests, and other donations that will enhance the children, youth, and adult education programs and humanitarian missions. All gifts are tax deductible.