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Children & Charity International

is supporting a
 Mission Trip to Haiti 
Medical Personnel and Volunteers are needed to go to Haiti
to provide free clinics to mothers, children, and seniors with chronic ailments.

Also to help out with a VBS style Children's Program

April 18, 2019– April 25, 2019

Clinics are planned in the areas of:
 Merger, Marigo of Jacmel, and Delmas
Team will be based in Merger (west of PAP).


Trip Details:
•Cost per traveler: $700 plus airfare
•Lodging, food, filtered water, mosquito netting,  
and transportation in Haiti included.
•Working with Haitian doctors and nurses
•Two mobile clinics planned
•Hosted at the IOG site in Merger
•Led by experienced short term mission leader
•Haitian Cuisine will be served, and include:
-Fried Plantains
-Rice and Beans, Corn meal
-Fried Chicken, and Goat
-Pikliz and local Fruits

Please join us to help in this time of great need in Haiti. Get Application

Donations are needed for the children's program; and some medical supplies to be distributed at the clinics.
All donations are tax deductible.

Donate Online or Mail check to:

Children & Charity International
1614 17th Street, NW, Suite 306
Washington, DC 20009