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Summer Work Readiness, STEM, and Mentorship Program Report

During summer 2018, sixty (60) high school and college youth 16-21, enjoyed six weeks of Work Readiness, STEM, and Mentorship activities. Twenty youth were engaged in on-the-job training at local barber shop, beauty salon, DCPS, and a private school. Participants gained real world experiences and skills needed for owning and operating businesses, and conducting summer school programs. Many served as frontline workers answering phone calls, interacting with customers, providing information to parents and visitors, and tutoring or assisting K-5 students with classroom assignments and activities. Forty youth participated in a STEM and Mentorship Program. Youth participated in a variety of hands-on STEM activities like, exploring the digestive system and heart; testing circuit boards; and designing structures.


Enrichment included: peer mentorship on adjusting to college life, dealing with stress and class schedules, and managing finance. Workshops on Wellness, Domestic Violence; and Developing Leadership Skills were conducted. All youth received training on Advancing Youth Development led by facilitators from CAUSES, University of the District of Columbia (UDC). From the training, participants gained a better understanding of youth needs and ways to assist them in attaining positive developmental outcomes.  Recreational activities like workout day, movie day, baking, cooking, arts and craft, and crocheting hats added creativity and variety.

This was truly a summer of learning and fun. View photos below:


Youth created crafty pens, crochet hats and head bands, and honed their culinary skills.

Science Activities

Youth studied and designed posters of the Digestive System, and tested the flow of electricity by building Circuit Boards.



Groups created a variety of structures - houses, barns, garages, and tested them for stability.


Summer youth benefitted from Workshops and training conducted by professionals in various fields. Topics included: career preparation, financial literacy; mentorship; wellness; domestic violence and prevention; cosmetology techniques; job readiness; mastering the 4Cs of leadership skills; and Advancing Youth Development.